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Gateway Reporting Tool Customer Policy

Dear Customer,

Before being granted access to the Gateway Reporting Tool, you first need to read, understand and accept the Gateway Reporting Tool Customer Policy below.

Gateway Reporting Tool Customer Policy

  • Access to this customer Gateway Reporting Tool is for use of the specified customer only and subject to authentication.
  • Access rights and authentication details may not be shared with third parties.

  • Information provided is indicative only and while every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information provided, the Gateway Communications Group does not warrant the accuracy of any information provided, which cannot be relied on in any dispute with the Gateway Communications Group. For accurate information, contact your Gateway Account Manager

  • This Gateway Reporting Tool is provided for customer information and the Gateway Communications Group accepts no liability if the Gateway Reporting Tool is not available for any period of time or if functionality is altered. While every effort has been made to ensure cross-browser compatibility and the absence of malicious code, the Gateway Communications Group accepts no liability for loss or damage to customer systems arising from the use of this Gateway Reporting Tool.

  • Any attempt to obtain unauthorised access or other unauthorised activity will be subject to prosecution in the appropriate jurisdiction.

  • System use and network activity may be monitored by the Gateway Communications Group.

  • Use of this Gateway Reporting Tool may be subject to additional requirements or terms and conditions, which will be binding when posted on the Gateway Reporting Tool home page

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