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Foris Telecom

Cut price broadband to drive African Development

Foris Telecom provides affordable broadband access to 19 developing countries, with the focus on Africa and Asia. We teamed up with Foris to get behind a cause we really believe in. With our help they were one of the first businesses to tap into Seacom in East Africa. This first-mover advantage meant that they had incredible opportunities for expansion.

We also provided Foris with IP transit capacity (Africa IPJetDirect) to give them a fully redundant 100Mbps microwave link for seamless connectivity between their offices.

As Dror Ifergan (Foris Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer) said, “We’re committed to helping to bridge the global digital divide and we consider offering high quality, reduced cost connectivity to be key in building Africa’s information economy. With Gateway Communications’ partnership and well-regarded services in Mozambique we have succeeded in creating a model for further expansion into other parts of Africa and beyond.”

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