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Comzatel doubles capacity on Mozambique’s latest WiMAX network

Comzatel is a leading African communications business that offers high quality broadband internet access. They’re committed to delivering the best service to their customers, which is why they came to Gateway Communications.

Together we’ve worked in partnership to deliver the newest WiMAX network in Mozambique – a monumental achievement. We first used our state of-the-art Africa IPJetDirect product to deliver high speed broadband Internet access to Maputo enabling comzatel to roll out its WiMAX network across Mozambique – with new base stations going up all the time. This is connecting an entire country and helping to build an exciting future.

It’s an extremely cost effective solution too. IPJetDirect is delivered by fibre and is dedicated to African IP, giving it the ability to deliver hundreds of Mbps of high quality IP connectivity onto small antennas in a particularly cost effective way.

As Michael Graf, Technical Director of Comzatel, explains, “Without Gateway Communications, Comzatel would be unable to offer the high speed connectivity so key to Mozambique’s digital future. They have enabled us to double our capacity and deliver Mozambique’s first 4G Network”.


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