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We have more satellite coverage than anyone else on the continent. And our connections are the fastest and most reliable – whether your customers are connecting to Africa or the rest of the world. And because we use a hybrid approach across fibre, satellite, microwave and wireless we can provide the best solutions for your business. Request a product brochure.
  • Fortis Telecom
    Driving African development with cut price broadband.

  • Comzatel
    Doubling broadband capacity in Mozambique.

  • Zanzibar Datacom
    Introducing high-speed reliable broadband to Zanzibar.

  • Skyband Corporation
    Ensuring Malawi’s leading ISP stays out in front.

  • Etisalat
    Our specialist local knowledge supported Etisalat’s Nigerian expansion.

  • AfriConnect
    logistical issues drive a tailor-made solution in Zambia.

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AfricaCom Awards
Winner: Best pan-African Initiative
AfricaCom Awards

We are now part of PCCW Global

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